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About LDG

Shanghai Longilat Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd. Had been established more than two decades since 1992 with the philosophy of "Adept at designing". During these years, along with the revolution path of Yangpu national innovation pilot city, LDG become a modern science and technology enterprise with a outstanding design team from a small company of only 2 people.

As a non-public owned enterprise, today's LDG is a precedent who obtained national Grade-A qualifications in urban planning, architectural engineering design and landscape design, municipal design qualification, qualification of the People's Republic of China foreign contracted projects, and many other professional qualifications and grades.

Meanwhile, LDG is the member or committee company of Shanghai survey and design industry's associations, society and publications. We are one of the council members of the Architectural Society of Shanghai, Shanghai Urban Planning industry Association, Shanghai green building Promotion Association, China Health Economics Society, Medical and health architecture professional committee, Shanghai Modern Service Industry Association, Professional Committee of design services, and Design Enterprise Association of Yangpu District, Shanghai; The association of private design enterprises branch of Shanghai Survey and Design Industry Association; Executive director company of "Planner" magazine, "Shanghai city planning" magazine, "green building" magazine and "ideal space" magazine; Member company of "Housing technology" magazine; Publication committee of "Shanghai construction science and technology" magazine. These titles reflect LDG's strong sense of industry responsibility.

LDG insists on innovative ideas and operation models, the business scope expanded to which including architectural design, urban and rural planning, interior decoration design, landscape design, logo design, urban development and real estate development consulting etc by relying on professional personnel and consistently intensified enterprise strength. Each important project as medical and health architecture, culture and education, sports, urban complex, large residential areas etc, along with every piece of city construction blueprint, reflecting "LDG people"s courage and strength to face challenges.

In 2010, approved by both Chinese National Department of housing construction  and Ministry of Commerce, the wholly owned subsidiary overseas branch----LDG International was established in Los Angeles of USA. It further strengthen the cooperation with the other designers teams of United States, Japan, Spain and Hungary etc, and achieved effective results.

In recent years, LDG network continues to expand within China as well.Until now, we have more than 20 branch companies including Anhui, Fujian, Hangzhou, Henan, Hunan, Nanchang, Nanjing, Nanning, Ningbo, Shanxi, Sichuan, Suzhou, Xinjiang, Yuxi, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Zibo, Wuxi and Shaanxi etc.

At the end of 2011, LDG set up "Shanghai Longilat Green building research and Development Center".

On January 2012, LDG established Urban planning and Design Research Institute.

On November 2012, the Longilat Municipal Design Institute had been established.

On May 2015, LDG set up the Academician expert workstation.

LDG always believe in the philosophy of "Adept at designing" and willing to build the best house, the nest of the Phoenix, and build an ideal dream.

Build the best house

The design quality, technology and management levels are upgrading constantly since we obtained ISO9001 certification on 2002, the utilization of authorized  Autodesk in 2006, the use of the ISO quality control system and the establishment of the information management system.

In the last ten years, Longilat Architectural Design and Research Institute has always maintained a high level of professional learning pursue. In 2003, "the compound apartment housing type" obtained the certificate of patent by the National Intellectual Property Office; In 2005, we completed the "house type design research report of Shanghai major projects, supporting housing and social housing"; In 2008, the "affordable house type research" completed and extensively used by many large scale residential area in Shanghai; In 2011, we formulated "affordable housing standard design drawings" before national standards. Technological backbone of the company published numerous papers, and published 4 books of 2 million words in total. They are the "urban planning and design and management of standing manual", "the urban road traffic planning and design", "urban landscape planning methods and research" and the "value of hillside villa".

Build the nest of the Phoenix

Longilat Architectural Design and Research Institute cherish the talents, thus many capable staffs gathered here. There are more than 600 construction industry talents joined us, a large number of National first-class registered architects, first-class  registered structural engineers, registered urban planners, senior engineers, composed the elite team of LDG.

We encourage each team member should never forget to pursuit innovation, and do the best to integrate resources to a higher platform and release the maximum energy.

Build an ideal dream

LDG focus on the development of urbanization construction.

LDG care about peasant, villages and agriculture, we paint the future field with infinite imagination.

Energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection, LDG build green homeland and beautiful China with advanced sights.

LDG focus on the future aged care buildings with great passion .

Adept at designing, which even more means social responsibility and the heart of philanthropism.

LDG set up Shanghai Longilat urban development consulting co., LTD to make recommendations for a better life. We've also established Shanghai innovative small and medium-sized enterprise service co., LTD jointly with the Shanghai academy of architecture. Build communication platform in aspects as enterprise qualifications, talents converging, technology skills, to boost the healthy development of small enterprises.

In 2008, Longilat Architectural Design and Research Institute invested millions of CNY to built the Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School in a poor mountain in Nanfeng County of Jiangxi Province. The hope primary school completed in 2009, our company and the school signed the "memorandum" contract, and set up award funds by the donations from company employees. For a long time, LDG people still constantly care to help the children there in a variety of ways, and the hope primary school has now become a pacesetter of basic education.

Under the guidance of the government of Yangpu District and the other leaders from the society, LDG party branch, the trade unions and the youth league branch's works are much more effective. The leaderships of the Party, government, industry, Youth league pay high attention to the activities of our company. LDG has been carrying out various of academical, culture and sports, recreational activities every year, which closely links our enterprise culture construction with the work and daily life of employees and the development of enterprise achievements. It is committed to create positive enterprise atmosphere, let all employees not only improved on professional technology, but also feel the harmony atmosphere of our "LDG" family.

LDG obtained many honors in the mean time of self development. We've been obtained the title of "Shanghai Model enterprise" for continuous 4 years, and named as "Two new" organization "Five good" party branch, Shanghai enterprise Model of "Two new" Party construction, "National woman civilization station", "Shanghai Model employees' home", Exemplary base of Shanghai "Two new" organization incorruptible culture. President of LDG, Dean Songqing Ye has been awarded as excellent party member of Shanghai "Two new" organization, Distinct party member of Shanghai, Party branch secretary, vice-president Bang Zhang has been honored with the title of "Shanghai Model worker", and awarded with "National May 1st Labor Medal".

World's LDG, Intelligent Architecture. Shanghai Longilat Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd. will continue to implement the essence of "Adept at designing", put efforts to develop to be a technological enterprise with first-class technical skills, and willing to take social responsibilities.

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