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Dean's speech

Since LDG established in 1992, we developed from a small team to today's large group of more than six hundred employees.There are around 80 registered engineers. Nowadays, LDG obtained the urban and rural planning class A qualification certificate, along with the class A qualification of architectural design, become the sixth "double A" design company of Shanghai, and the model for private enterprises. In recent years, LDG successively obtained class B qualification of landscape architecture design and municipal design, and was rated as "high-tech enterprise".

In 2010, LDG was approved by the National Ministry of Commerce for setting up a wholly owned oversea subsidiary----Longilat Design Group International INC. At the same time, Shanghai Academy of architecture SME Innovation Services Limited had been established as well. After 20 years of struggling, LDG platform almost settled, just like the "nest" has been built, and craving for phoenix.

As the owner of our enterprise, I'll need to play a leading role, grasping the direction of the development of the enterprise, organize the framework to build enterprise, and make full use of effective resources to achieve the target. Entrepreneurs make dreams with passion, with innovation to realize their own dreams, with personality to affect generation. Therefore, passion, innovation, charm must be the core reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit.

LDG is always been adhering to the philosophy of "Adept at designing", to create a science and technology enterprise with first-class professional skill, effective management, willing to take social responsibilities. To my point of view, material wealth is only the appearance of an entrepreneur's success, social responsibility should the measure of bench-marking. "Be good" has become a new mode of business.When the old business rules hurt the earth we live in with the intensiveness of environmental and social problems, there must be higher, further purpose above profits. Every businessman should be aware that they should not only be a businessman, but also one of the citizens on the earth. Every entrepreneur has the responsibility to take care of others and the earth, and including good design within business model.

In recent years, under the influence of the party and the government's positive energy and the efforts of our leadership and all the staffs, we've obtained considerable progress on enterprise culture construction, the scientific research and innovation work, and also on the construction of the management team, research and development team. Here I sincerely appreciate the concern and guidance of the party and government leaders. I know the burden on my shoulders are heavier and more difficult but I am full of confidence, and moving forward under the encouragement  of Chinese dream.

Shanghai Longilat Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
President, Dean
Songqing Ye