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Public welfare

Hope primary school

A primary school with dilapidated classroom buildings, located in San Xi Town’s Junfeng Mountain’s hillside and at the altitude of more than 1700 meters, Nanfeng County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Hundreds of children were having classes in the crumbling building every day with fears.

Songqing Ye, Deputy to the People's Congress of Yangpu District, the Dean of Shanghai Longilat Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd. Co., Ltd, who accidentally found this little village primary school while he was inspecting projects in Nanfeng District. Since then, warm love from thousands of miles away Shanghai continually flow to Nanfeng, completely change the small village’s teaching conditions, sowing the seeds of love and hope to the local children.

"Blood transfusion": donated to build new campus

Junfeng Mountain is the highest peak of Nanfeng, with scattered villages, sparsely populated, all year round misty landscape. The winding road twists and turns towards the mountain, the other side is the deep canyon with tens of meters depth. Due to the desolate location, there isn’t any public transportation, thus traffic is very inconvenient. Junfeng Primary School, the most remote primary school of Sanxi Town, located on the hillside of Junfeng Mountain. What worrying is that the educational conditions here for these children are really poor, not only the dilapidated buildings, the teaching conditions, but also the shortage of teachers.

In Spring 2008, Our Dean Songqing Ye found the actual conditions of Junfeng Primary School while he was visiting projects in Sanxi Town.The shabby brick classroom buildings and children’s curious eyes make him take into consideration and worried for that. In order to improve the teaching conditions of Junfeng Mountains area, after LDG sent an expedition team for field survey, we decided to donate millions of CNY immediately to build a large new Hope Primary boarding School. The site was chosen again within Junfeng Village to serve not only local students , but also those from nearby villages like Yunshan Village and Pingshang Village etc.

On February 2009, Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School was erected and been put into use. The school campus covers an area of 1700 sqm with the total architectural areas of 1100 sqm. There were more than 100 students from several villages around the Junfeng Mountain, moved from the old campus to the new bright, spacious and secured classrooms. After the completion of the new campus, the classrooms equipped with a whole set of modern teaching facilities, attracted 10 highly qualified young teachers, including 3 senior teachers into the mountains to teach. Due to there were students who walked 15 km mountain road everyday to go to school, thus the new campus was built with students' dormitory, and hired boarding staffs to take care of students’ daily life. It became the only boarding village primary school in Fuzhou City.

On May 1,2009, at the completion ceremony of "Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School", Songqing Ye, the Honorary Chancellor invited hundreds of guests from Shanghai to Junfeng Village, Sanxi Town. They donated more than 20 thousand CNY, approx 3000 books and 300 school bags and other stationery.

"Dropping liquid": Sustained investment to support teaching

In order to assist the healthy development of the "Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School", LDG, Sanxi Township Party committee and the school  jointly signed a support agreement to build it into a high standard hope primary school. Since then, LDG Party branch, the Youth League branch formed indissoluble bond with this 800 km away primary school. Year after year, warm the hearts of children in Mountainous Areas.

"LDG" party organization was established in 2006, it was named as "two new"  and "Five Good" organization of Shanghai, Demonstration pilot project of party construction, Party construction demonstration window, etc. After the bonding to "Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School",take care of the local children’s growth become LDG party members’ important tasks of community service. Bang Zhang, the Secretary of the LDG Party branch donated more than ten thousand CNY to establish reward and teaching funds, and support the sustainable development of the school;Deputy Secretary of the Party branch Lu Ye visited the school several times to donate funds, education supplies, clothing etc. Party members among employees spontaneous making cash and goods donations, carrying out voluntary activities such as supporting education. Over the past five years, LDG people and the other community of caring people donated money and goods with the value exceeds one million CNY. There are more than 200 children benefited.

Under the support of the LDG party organization, the mountain road to the "Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School" was repaired and the water supply project was completed; The school also has more than 10 computers, 3000 books. Better teaching instrument such as piano, drum etc had been purchased; Table tennis, basketball court, slide and other sports facilities built one after another. This year, In order to solve the problem of insufficient infrastructure such as dinning hall, dormitory, nursery, etc, the Nanfeng Department of Education invest in the implementation of the "Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School" supporting complex buildings construction project. However, there are hundreds of thousands of money shortage still, therefore, LDG decided to jointly investment with the Sanxi township party committee, and the government to make up the balance, and ensure the construction of the project as scheduled.

Under LDG’s continuous assistant, the infrastructure is far better than the original school campus, and the teaching facilities have been improved significantly. Encouraged by the reward and teaching funds, teaching quality has outstanding improvement along with the raise of teachers' treatment. The Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School became one of the top schools among the entire town.

"Hematopoiesis": The party alliance jointly support

Regional party alliance is a well-known brand of the Yang Pu District’s party construction. Under the advocacy of LDG party organization, there are more than 10 alliance companies and organizations jointly to support the Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School, and offer firm backed force for its development. They are :Yang Pu District Science and technology Party committee, Yangpu District Youth League Committee, Culture Bureau of Yangpu District, Yangpu District Wujiaochang high technology industrial park, Shanghai Second Educational Division primary school, "red kite" Party branch of Yanji xincun Subdistrict, Shanghai Yangpu construction supervision limited liability company, Qingling Song cemetery management office, Shanghai Airlines flight department 737 Brigade second squadron, the 15th branch of Revolutionary Committee of XuHui District.

On the "International children festival" eve of 2011, Five high-tech communist of Shanghai, Yangpu District Culture Bureau Youth League Committee and supporting educational volunteers visited Nanfeng, and donated 420 school bags, 600 books and video discs to the hope primary school. They teaches children to sing Beijing Opera, and enjoy the Children's day with them. On November 5, 2011, staff from the Youth League Committee, the District Party Committee and the Youth League Committee of District Health Bureau went to Nanfeng and provided world’s expo volunteers equipment health supplies and books, clothes, etc to children, and warm up the "Orange charity group buying" program. With strong support from all the party and youth league organizations of Yangpu District, this program held 3 times until now. Thousands of party and league members from more than 20 organizations were involved, and purchased more than 4000 boxes of oranges, raised 50000 CNY. All of them used to improve food and traffic subsidies, replenish teaching supplies for the teachers and students.

On November 2012, AND Community of the Fudan University attached school sent representatives to "Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School" to donate 3000 CNY of scholarship; On April 8, 2013, LDG party branch organized "Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School" teacher training activities again, and invited hope primary school teachers Ying Zeng and Mengsi Min, the director of teaching and discipline of SanXi township central primary school Yanwu Yu to Shanghai to attend a five-day training, brought back valuable teaching experience to "Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School";From April to May of 2013, Wujiaochang high-tech industrial park communist, Youth League Committee of Yangpu District Bureau of culture and LDG together launched "hand in hand volunteer action", four groups of eight young volunteers went to "Nanfeng Shanghai Longilat Hope Primary School" to start supporting education activities...

On November 11, the fifth group of around 10 Shanghai party alliance volunteers went to Nanfeng area this year again, send education supplies, spiritual sustenance and sincere love to the children.

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  • orange group buying activities

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  • hope primary school the expansion of the complex building

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